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With the summer term looming, and the need to start taking small steps towards more structured literacy and numeracy sessions. Can I ask how much everyone differentiates.


We have three groups based on ability for each. For the most part we differentiate the work they get, though it'll always be based around the same theme.


We start working this way at the start of the Spring term... what does everyone else do?


I'm just a bit paranoid about it as we have OFSTED in a couple of months and want to make sure i have the concensus of other FS practitioners behind me.


I attached a weekly literacy plan for people to see... basically... I just want reassurance that I'm planning enough (or is it too much?)


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Your planning looks fine to me - I have 4 groups in my class and usually have 3 levels of differentiation - but sometimes only 2.


Do you run that with the whole class doing literacy all at once at a specific time in the day or do they do the activities at different times in the day? Do any groups do their activities independently or are they all supported by an adult when working?

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i really like your planning its great.


i do a similar thing. i do a book imput then i have some differntiated group work. ie today we did the 3 billy goats gruff. my top set wrote a sentence to the picture. my middle set used the tape recorder to record there own version of story and my lower set re told the story on the play mat with the animals. i then have a group doing independent chosen work ir role play, computer, sand, water, book area. etc.


i do sometimes though have a seperate phonics session during the day as the lesson is too long.

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