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Hi, Can anyone tell me what do they do with the children for the first week back. We call this settling in week we don't have any focused activities going on. We bring out activities that are on my planning.What do others do.We have a lot of new children starting this time.Do you start the morning by saying the names of staff members.Although there will be some children who were with us last term.Thanks. Dorinda

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Hi Dorinda


The more planned and structured you are for those first few weeks the less you can be responding to the children’s interests and needs so do not feel guilty about having a sparse planning file.


I would say that you plan nothing other than opportunities for assessment and talk activities. You want to get to know these children and for them to feel comfortable with you ASAP, and what better way than by talking?


Get some of your best stories ready and loads of activities that are really interesting. I am taking a live chicken into my setting just because it will promote interest! Invest time in demonstrating how to use each area in turn and ask the children what they like to do.


Once you have assessed them and know what their interests are THEN plan your curriculum coverage.


Your environment should NOT be festooned and there should be display boards empty. If you are truly shaping your curriculum around your children then you have to wait till they are in to find out what to do.


Children don't walk in and say 'Oh an empty display board, how dull!' Some teachers/parents do. Don't give in to it...BLANK IS BEST!



I feel your pain, as I am going into a school to re vamp their FS and set up their Nursery for half a term alongside my consultants role.


If it is of any interest I am blogging all my ideas and planning formats at adcdoes.typepad.com you are welcome to come and feel the fear with me and take whatever is useful.





abcdoes.typepad.com (blog)

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We don't plan except the basics. We go with what the children want so that you can spend time getting to know the new children and find out what sort of summer the others had.

Its all about the children don't forget!

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