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Hi i am about to go into my 4th year of teaching reception.


I usually plan using a carousel for literacy and numeracy. There are 4 activities 2 of which are adult led and 2 are child led. The objective covers ELG'S but often cover a number of areas. This has always worked well for the children and produced good results. The children complete 2 activities each morning and as the carousel runs over 2 mornings each of the 4 groups get a good 20 minutes with adults on the teacher led tables.


The problem I have this year is that i have 30 children and will need 5 or 6 groups. I also feel that i do to much formal planning as i have to put in objectives and success criteria etc. Looking at how others plan and teach reception often confuses me more as i have never found 2 teachers that do it even similar.


If anyone has any ideas that might help i would be very greatful. Also if anyone could actually share their planning it would help me see things more clearly. I am happy to share mine with anyone that would like to see it. :o


Thanks Annemarie

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Hi Plutoclass - I'd be very interested to hear more on this too. I'm an NQT in reception and have been told the parents in the school are the type that expect numeracy/lit to be on the timetable every day. I'm of an attitude we then need to manage and educate the parents as maths and lit will come into songs/CIL and general work. My other class teacher wants to try and have phonics every moring, followed by CIL, then at 11am till 12pm fit in a maths AND lit lesson each day.I thin kthis is unworkable especially when you have to fit in tidying up and washing hands etc. She sees this as being 10 min whole class input then a focus group/ or could be a carousel of activities. The chn to swap after 1/2 hour and do the next subject.


I have so many questions on how to make this work...

How many literacy and maths lessons does everyone do?

Who does whole class input followed by a carousel?

Who does small group input whilst rest of class do CIL or subject related adult directed carousel activities?


If you do two literacy and 2 maths lessons each week, do you keep the same early learning goals

and let it take a couple of weeks to get around all chn, as with 5 groups of 6 kids it would take more than two weeks to be able to sit with each.

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there is an interesting thread running in the 'Reception: Observation, Assessment and Planning' forum about planning formats and timetables etc which might be helpful- if not, try posting on there- it seems that more people read there.

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