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Hello again :)

Can I just take this opportunity to thank everyone for replying to my last request on presentation ideas for an interview. They were extremely helpful and the exciting news is that I got the job and start the post after Easter!

I havent taught in reception for 3 years but have been keeping fairly up to date with the many changes that have been taking place. I am in a 3 form entry unit of 84 four and five year old children and in our first planning meeting yesterday I was asked to come up with ideas for our topic next term. Any ideas would be greatly apreciated on 'Pirates'(water, sun, beaches, boats, islands, holidays) as we are planning each area on a 2 weekly cycle. Recommended books, activities.....you name it, i'm sure it will be useful! :D

Many thanks

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We made treasure chests using soap tablet boxes, treasure maps,staining paper with cold tea then tearing the edges when dry. We threaded beads and made our own beads using rolled up strips of paper. We made a large pirate ship using large pieces of cardboard and also a flag.


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hi there

congratulations :D:D

we did pirates last year. we had a giant pirate ship and lots of skulduggery!! (There's a photo of it in the gallery) We started off by finding an old treasure chect in the nursery garden and wondering who it belongeed to. Inside there were maps, hooks and telescopes and a big bit of blue cloth.

We built a ship and had the sand in there with buried treasure. We made maps (staining them with tea/coffee and scrunching them up to make them look even older). We even had some terrible pirates walking the plank (bit of garden decking!)

We gave all the children pirate names (lots of websites that can generate these) and they added them to their pirate paintings

We sang sea shanties (when I was one it had just begin the day i went to sea I jumped aboard a Pirate ship and the captain said to me...) I think the words to all verses is somewhere here.

There were not many suitable books for Reception and believe me I looked everywhere. One brilliant one is Mrs Pirate (Ithink thats the title) by Nick Sharret it's in rhyme too... very simple and gorgeous illustrations.

Dont forget to play Captain Coming too

Have me hearty!!

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Rocket, we play sharks, which is probably the same game! We put out mats on the floor and the children have to perform a series of actions inbetween the mats,according to instructions eg scrub the deck (down on knees pretending to scrub), climb the rigging (jump up and pretend to climb), captain's coming (stand to attention and salute), man over board (lie on floor and "swim"), seagulls (pretend to fly round room), penguins (waddle round room) etc etc when you call out "sharks coming" the children have to run and sit on a mat before you catch them! (You have a number limit of people per mat). Great fun and lots of screaming!! As the game progresses you can remove mats to make it harder for the children to escape. :D

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