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I am just looking at updating my planning/timetable for Sept. I have only done 2 terms in Reception and although I know exactly what I want to do with some things I am still a little muddled about medium term planning and adult led activities.


Medium Term: I have seen loads of different formats some very detailed and some very sparce. I think my confusion is how do you do a medium term plan if you are following CI planning.

I was thinking about having a couple of weeks based on Myself and then have an overarching topic of Autumn until half term. then I was going to do mini topics based on children's interests within this i.e. couple of days on car wash or hairdressers.


Adult Led: do you expect every child to complete the adult led activities. I do 1 adult led for each area of learning each week.


Thanks for advice in advance


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Like you've already said everyone does their planning differently. What I do is as you describe. I generally have a main theme which runs for about 3 weeks, for my medium term plan I do a topic web style with possible learning activities for each of the areas and I add to it with the children's ideas. I don't put learning objectives on at this stage because as you say you need to follow children's interests. I don't actually think there is a need for one. I like to do the topic as it gives me ideas!


As for adult led activities - I do get all the children to do an adult led task but they are differentiated a lot so high achievers will be doing something similar to low achievers but it will be harder. I enhanced my provision based on children's interests and support children more towards their interests in child initiated play. I always choose themes which have come from the children;s interests but may have smaller sub themes running alongside.

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