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Hi I'm an NQT going into reception in Sept.

Where does continuous provision fit in with long term planning etc.


Is continuous prov. just showing I've thought about possible resources, learning outcomes etc in each area and is spearate and apart from LT planning by area.



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I have spent the day reading and reseraching planning - esp long term.


Lewisham LEA have s great EYFS website with details of long, med and short. They state the long term is the continous provision for each area indoor and outdoor to show what the provison is like most of the time.


We are going to use provison plans for each area then I am currently putting together a long temr plan for things that we will cover like festivals, settling in, birthdays etc as on an overvierw of the development matters to be considered each term if that makes sense.


Not sure this is best way but certainly seems what lots of LA who are organised and have systems seem to be saying.


Good luck.

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hmmm doesn't seem to work googling it for me - only get teaching jobs. I already work in Lewisham and would love to see their early years site - but never found one yet!

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