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Had a lovely lady apply for position at school club however she is qualified teaching assistant level 2. I have checked the CWDC website and it states its not a suitable qualification (she would have to do NVQ). Seems silly to me as this is all down to wether she is suitable to work with early years when she has actually more suitable to work with the older children which make up a higher proportion of our users!


So i a actually asking if that the suitability from the website is applicable to school clubs? (Got a feeling it is which is annoying as we need qualified staff)




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I don't know about the legal requirements but I have 2 level 3's in my afterschool club and one HLTA and 2 TA level ones

(on various days, but always with a NNEB) .....

how can that ladies qualifications be unsuitbale unless you ahd wanted her to lead the sessions?????

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