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Ou E243 Which Option?


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I cannot settle to finding which option to write about! So busy focussing on getting E230 done and dusted that have left this course out in the cold.

Initially fancied option 1 (Ghandi's quote) or option 2 (at the margins) but realised I hadn't got any personal experience of groups at the margins so didn't think I could use that option.

Then this morning finally decided to go for Option 4 - ‘Inclusive teaching is good teaching for all’ - and set up my page and thought ooh yes this is ok - can do this one with my Pre School hat on.......but am at a complete dead end as what to include - it seems to be merging with the five criteria from last times TMA!!! and not sure whether it should be?

so have taken a quick look at Option 3 abut really don't fancy that at all.

HELP!!!! Anyone any good suggestions (polite of course) - I thought this TMA would be easy but I'm stumped at the first hurdle of which one to do!

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