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Help With Dpp Core Unit 3


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Hi there ,


Is there anyone here who has done the DPP Core Unit 3 and can help me with advice as to :


Providing an environment to promote the emotional security of babies

Working in partnership with parents

Working as an effective team in a pre-school setting


I missed a pass by one mark ( gutted ..as got c,b,a in the other 3 and didnt in a million years expect a refer - silly silly me ... ) so any tips on what you may have put that I missed would be great ! Many many thanks if anyone can help.



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Bad luck Claire, I only just made it I got 18/30 and had a big sigh of relief as like you I had good grades and thought I would be OK, there where a couple of sections where I only got 1 mark so I may not be of any help but I will e-mail you my assignment and the marks for each section and hopefully it will be of some help.


Good luck next time :o

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Am really sorry Claire, that must be so frustrating! I didn't do the DPP so I don't know what exactly you need to do to get the grades etc, I did do the certificate ccld level 3 followed by the NVQ ccld level 3, so if no-one with DPP knowledge is able to help out, shout again with a bit more specifics, and I am sure I can think of something!!


Hopefully being fresh from it, Vicky will be your best help


Good luck


Clare x

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