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Hi again! im so glad ive got this website in my times of teaching despair! I am just going over my planning (whilst browsing!!) and realised that i have planned to talk to my reception class tomorow about easter. Now i apologise if this sounds really stupid but i don't know how to approach the religious side of it without confusing them with death and resurection. Aahhh! I really haddnt thought about it till now. I have got a usborne easter story but it's a bit vague! How do you do it? (this is my 1st year)


p.s im really not that stupid, (i hope!)x

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Hi - my second year (mature student!) and can't remember what I did last year (there's efficient planning for you!!!). I have an Easter story that is too old for Reception really so am adapting it.


Have planned to start asking them if they remember what they know about Jesus already - hopefully they'll remember the Christmas story. Then remind them of Assembly stories about his life then talk about the end of his life. Will briefly go over story with props from small world toys.


Then we are going to make a cross with balsa wood and nails and make hot cross buns in the afternoon!!


All sounds a bit random but they'll like it!!! In my experience the children handle the gory bits really well (and sit quietly when listening!!!). - Lots of opportunity for PSE stuff - on Tuesday plan to do the resurrection bit and talk about new life etc.... make chick cards and easter nests.


Good luck


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