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Can't Login To Ofsted Website To Review Sef


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I have just tried to review my setting's online SEF but can't get past the login!! previously I have used a Gatewayuser ID and then a password that I made up. I posted my SEF online over a year ago but now its time to review it but I can't.


Did OFSTEd provide you with a new password? I have found out that you have to use your URN now as the the user ID not the gateway user ID!!! No one told me this and now I only have 1 more try left before being locked out of my own SEF...

Any advice folks will be gratefully received? I have emailed OFSTED to ask what to use now and I am awaiting their reply!!


many thanx


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Am assuming you are not due an inspection in the near future ? They do apparently lock it down from thier end if you are in the loop for one. :o


We are due for one at the end of october which is why I am keen to review it, but I can't even get past the login as the login details and style seemed to have changed in the last year.

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This happened to me - I phoned them and they reissued details and then it was all fine. A pain in the **** but it worked out in the end. You will find when you go back into it that the style / format has changed and that they will have moved parts of your old sef into the new format (all you stuff will be there but it will have been moved around). I reviewed mine this week and it just meant a bit of reading to make sure that I was still answering the questions appropriately.


That your sef is frozen before an inspection is something of a myth - works for some not for others ( didn't happen for me) there have been lots of discussions about this previously (but I'm not IT literate enough to be able to put a link in! - prob someone who is will sort it out!!)


Best of luck


PW x

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Thank you, yes I did get in to the OFSTED website eventually. On phoning OFSTED and going through their security process, I was asked to Google OFSTED ONLINE And then click on the google result that said WELCOME. This is a common problem apparently! THE OFSTED CHAP WAS MOST HELPFUL. I used my same Gateway user ID and password and bingo!!!


Yes I did find they had moved my entries around abit to put them into more relevent places and then I deleted what they requested. Obviously some body does check what goes into the SEF at some point, even before an inspection is due. It still took me 4 hours and I am only half way through and this was only a review of what I wrote a year ago!!!


Ginge99 :)

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