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I am moving to a new classroom and having a mixed reception year 1 class (14 yr 1 who I had last year as Reception and 8 new Reception children. Haven't taught year 1 for about 20 years so have to get my head round that as well as trying to set up a suitable new classroom. What do people have in their classrooms for mixed ages. Tempted to set it as i would for Reception with areas (this isn't how it has been set up). On top of this the theme for the first half of term right through school is 'community' and each year group is interpreting it in their own way with emphasis on creative thinking. Was thinking along lines of home and school, people who help us in school, how we get to school, maps, what we see on the way etc. Has anyone got any inspirational and motivational ideas though. We have had quite a rough time at school over the last few months and I really want to get a positive start in September. Children finished today and am going in for the next 2 days to get everything sorted so can then forget about it all for a few weeks and recharge batteries :o

Help would really be appreciated.

Thanks xD

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