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Hi Ladies/Gents,

Just wondering what sort of things do you have in your outdoor area on a day to day basis. I will be having a reception/year 1 class in September and want to really develop the outdoor area for them on a very very low budget - £100 x

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Every day we have the following out for the children to freely access:


water trays

water (wine) barrel

tyre full of sand


little tykes bench

plastic organiser thing that holds pen papers etc


wooden ramps

bamboo channels

a box of home corner/ cafe type items

box of bottles (ie like fabric conditioner bottles)

box of construction vehicles

tub of construction hats / tools

a box of wheels/ small tyres


there is also access to a blacboard covering the majority of one wall.


some things you can get for free............. others you could put out a note to the parents or keep your eyes peeled for a good offer!!


We didn't get everything all at one time!!!!!!!! :o

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We have:


- Garden area with lots of planters to dig and plant in (we built this ourselves using volunteers and contributions from local businesses)


- Piping fixed to wall (instead of those expensive water channelling things)


- Outdoor tap (essential!)


- Large chalkboard which hooks over our metal barriers


- Large professional quality marquee (expensive but we got it from grant funding)


- Trolley with various items - garden equipment, small chalkboards, painting kit, KUW stuff like magnifying glasses


- Pipes and bricks (they use sand to 'build walls' with the bricks)


- Water tray and sand pit


- Ride on toys, bikes, etc.


- Book trolley and bench for reading stories


- Often some kind of den or covered area with sheets etc.


- Playground chalks for drawing on the floor


- Painting easel


- Arrows and bollards to mark out ride on tracks


Hope that helps, most of this has been got for free over the years or using grant money. We are preschool, packaway and the owners of 3 sheds!!

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Hi - glad to be in communication with a pack away pre-school - we are the proud owners of two sheds and like you we have paint outside on our shed wall every day - we would love another shed, but we would take away children's space to play - Dot :o

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Guest jstree3

Does anyone know where we get 'a' frames from as these have been suggested to us as outdoor resources that we should get?



Julia x

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