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Just wondering what does everyone do with their old OU course materials?


I have studied E123, E124 and E115 currently studying E243 and E230 - I have soooooooo many of the large OU ring binder course materials, and could do with the space!

I know that E123 and 124 has since been replaced - is it worth keeping the files or do students usually get rid of them once they have completed and passed the courses?

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I really think it is personal choice


I have kept all my OU files/books/dvds of course materials from the 8 courses I have done. They are labelled and in the loft!


I also have a ringbinder for each course in which I have kept all my TMA's and ECA's.


I have referred back to them on occasions but I think it's more a case of after all that hard work I simply can't throw them away!!


I do know students who have ceremoniously burnt course materials and assignments once a course is finished so I guess it really is personal choice!

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While browsing Ebay I saw a K204 binder for bidding with £10 postage :o

This course material is so out dated in areas, I was surprised anyone would want it. Its being replaced later this year anyway.


I will keep mine as I have written ALL over them and they would be of no use to anyone else xD




PS loft will probally get them when finished

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