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Hi, In light of the Jamie Oliver programmes and the launch of a healthier menu on 18th April my head has asked me to plan a food week for the whole school Nursery to Year 6. I am going to talk to the art co-ordinator but because I am PSHE and the Healthy Schools co-ordinator it is mainly my area. I have got some ideas and I am going to go on the British Nutrition Foundation website that we have discussed on here. Whilst you are on Easter hols and munching chocolate eggs can you see if you can come up with any ideas or if this is something you have already done. A little money available but not much - thought of asking everyone to bring 50p. Thanks.

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Not quite sure what you mean by a "food week" but I guess you mean anything to do with food across the curriculum?

Investigate/ research foods from around the world

Classifying food types, classifying within food type?

Making food - salads, sandwiches, juicing, bread etc

Printing with fruit and veg

Painting pics

Making 3d models

Favourite food/ fruit/ veg etc surveys

What happens if you leave bread in a plastic bag in the sun for a few days?

Melting and freezing - water, chocolate, butter

Floating and sinking - coconut, apple, orange, banana...

Rehydrating pulses

Growing mung beans/ cress

How can you keep a hot drink hot or an ice lolly frozen for a picnic?

Magic beans number bonds activities

Size and shape activities

Weighing activities


Any good? :D

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A good free resource are all those free giveaway pamphlets/books from the likes of Safeways/Morrisons with loads of pictures of food. Children can make collages - cut them out themselves or you can sort them into healthy and unhealthy - types etc or get the children to do it - only one copy per visit but you can always ask for back copies and get parents/friends to get a copy per visit. Generates good communication finding out what they like and why - and of course the old favourite The Hungry Caterpillar what would we all do without it!


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Contact Marks and Spencers


When my son was in year 5 (last year) so it should still apply they did a food week and went to see how food was prepared etc at Marks and Spencers.


He came home with loads of goodies, information sheets, worksheets but best of all bursting with excitement and now wanting to be a full time cook :oxD:D:D that alone has got to be worth a phone call.



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Result!! My son got to go round Sainsbury's once, he came back wanting to be the person that put the jam in the doughnuts! Not quite in the same league :o


He tells me that The Bear Factory stuff their bears in much the same way - xD:(:(


Sue :D

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