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Our Key Stage Two currently have pupil organisers and Key Stage 1 and Reception have Reading Diaries. From September management want Reception and Key Stage 1 to have a home/school organiser that combines a reading diary with spellings, messages from school etc.


I have been able to design my own so have a section for reading comments, meassages from home and school, a weekly challenge/home activity idea and a WOW box where parents/staff can write something they are really proud of the child for.


I just need a funky name for it instead of boring 'School Organiser' or 'Home School Book'. Any ideas from anyone please??


I like anything fun, alliterative and appealing to the kids.... am struggling!


Any suggestions greatfully recieved.


Thanking you all so much x

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not really got my thinking cap on but sometimes you can spin off ideas to something better, how about a character on the front and giving him a name eg Rachy and calling it Rachy's very important info


or just V.I.I. very important information


or how about a pirate on the front and calling the book "Treasure Trove?"


can say get out your treasure books :)


will keep thinking x

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We have these and we call them 'talking books' as its a communication tool between parents and staff. We have really loved using these - i tend to write in everyones at least once or twice a week about something their child has enjoyed learning or done particularly well. Will also write in there if they have had to have time out or if they hurt themselves etc as well as reading record. x

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I really like this idea - I want to encourage parental contributions other than in reading diaries. I have devised this:




and just wondered what people think?


The days of week are for me to write any key events that chn have experienced, or any info I need to add in there from the day.

The reading diary bit is obviously for their reading comments!

The 'wow' box is for parents/staff to note any things they are proud of the child for (that is really bad English but I am tired!)

The 'other comments' box is for....other comments! (parents or staff)


Would have a file thing (narrow/flat!) for each child and put one of these in for each week.


Thanks, purplemagic x

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I really like this idea - we are struggling with ways to promote the 'wow' moment cards to parents and remind them to contribute things they are proud of - combining this with the traditional reading diary seems a great idea.

I wonder Rachel if you are prepared to share your format also. Thanks purple magic for sharing.

No other catchy titles to add I'm afraid - but I do like the 'Key book' - the motto's great and it also links to the 'keyperson' as they might be the person writing in the book.

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Thanks for your reply nsunshine. I think I might get rid of the mon-fri boxes to make it less busy.


Would be good to see your idea too Rachel.

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A company are making our for us and have only drawn it by hand for them but today they asked for it on the computer so am gonna get to work in publisher this week and will post it as soon as I have done something. I added the 'wow' box as not had as many slips in my box as I would have liked but am going to keep them both going. We also have celebtration worship each week and so will write that in the messages for the children that are chosen as a way of saving paper.


Think I may go with the Treasure Book idea and put a pirate on the front as I have got a treasure chest I could use to collect them in at the start of the day. Might make a mini pirate area for in my parents corner of the classroom and change my wow box into a treasure chest as well. I just need a funky pirate puppet now to add to my Teasure Trove! Am getting very excited!


Thanks for all your ideas. x

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