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How Do I Organise My Day?


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Hi, I am new to this site so apologises if questions like this have already been answered before :o


I am currently an NQT in reception class. There are 30 children in the class and I have a 1 full time TA (who has never done reception before). I am slowly sorting myself out but not sure if I am going along the right track.


How many CLL and PSRN lessons should I do a week? Should these be whole class activities or adult led group activities?


How long should the children be spending doing child initiated activities per day?


If anyone has any good planning formats and weekly timetables I could look at I would be very grateful.


Thank you in advance.

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HI Nicbrown and welcome.

My foundation stage practise is not up to date so I am going to leave that to others!

A good starting point though is the Margaret Edington's "The foundation Stage Teacher in Action" if you havent read it already.


Good luck. Reception is a great place to be.

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Hello and welcome! Congrats on completing your NQT year and getting your first job. I agree with Susan - reception is a great place to be!


There have been lots of posts on here about this - some quite recently which you will be able to search - someone may come along and attach the links for you - sorry I don't know how! I have attached my timetable previously in these, if you can't find them I will repost.


As an NQT last year, I know how daunting it can be and don't worry if you feel like you are adapting and changing things throughout the year or years to come, its about getting it right for you! I'm still always on here asking for advise!


Briefly what I do and I know others do it differently is to have 2 CLL a week, generally 1 guided reading and 1 guided writing and 2 PSRN. I work with children in small groups for about 20 minutes and the groups rotate whilst the rest of the children engage in child initiated play. The TA will observe and extend learning. We swap on alternative day so i get to do obs and she takes groups. Keep carpet sessions short - I generally do 1 in the morning, phonics before lunch, very brief one after lunch and story and songs at end of the day.


Any other questions please ask, good luck and have fun! xxx

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