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Hi Everyone


Need a little bit of help plz. I want to create a more fascinating letters and sounds area for september. The children rarely visit this area and would like some ideas on hoe i can enhance it to encourage the children. I only really have a shelving unit however this can change round a bit if need be.




kate :o

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Guest Spiral

Hi Katiepotatie,


have you room to hang things - even getting sparkly fabric and cutting into letters to hang from the ceiling.


Asking the children to help can be a good idea too - maybe creating a post office or travel agents and using a range of different media to help children choose their equipment.


One of the easier ways to think about it is to follow what a parent is asked to look at, so have a look here at the directgov site;




There are just simple ideas that can trigger you off to make it more exciting,


good luck,


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letters and sounds happen in all areas including outside perhaps you should consider not having a L&S area and use the space to turn it into something the children would access

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