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Three Bears Song


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Does anyone know the rest of the words to this song:


"When Goldilocks went to the house of Bears, oh what did her blue eyes see, a chair that was huge, a chair that was small................. and the rest I have forgotten!


Also, does anyone know of the music book it comes from that might have some other 'fairytale' related songs in?





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................and a chair that was tiny and that was all and she counted them 1, 2, 3


then bowl,

then bed,

then bear......... and they growled at her Roarrr, roarrrr, roarrr


Sorry, can't help with a music book though


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:o Sorry Goldilocks but it does seem rather strange seeing you posting a topic about the 3 bears!! xD


I think this song is in the collection called "Okki-tokki-unga" or could be "Appuskidu"

Not sure where mine are at the moment to check!


However, the princess lived in a big high tower, springs to mind re fairytale songs and thats in "My Little Puffin".


Also different collections by AC Black have songs about 3 little pigs (3 singing pigs?).


Good luck.

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you got this song, together with lots of others in "Music express".

The book contain 2 CD also and CD-rom and is really god.

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Yes, I like Music Express too. I think there's a full scheme from Foundation Stage to end of primary. I work in a preschool but found out about it through a realtive who's a music co-ordinator. There are songs, clips etc for things like Chinese New Year, welcome songs, songs in different languages, & you can use it on a 'dip into' basis. Highly recommend!

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