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looking at changing from Sept. Have got approval from OFSTED to use Early years room as well as the rooms we already currently use. We are thinking that we can have up to 8 children in the early years section ie early years, rec and year 1 children. These children would use the early years rooms whereas the older shildren the other rooms. All would be tog at snack time and playtime outside.


Early year4s is on school grounds but is an adjacent building from the out of school room. Do we need 2 level 3s in to cover ie one for each room in each building or can we just have one lev 3 to cover all with another 2 level 2 and 1 unqualified?


Deputy currently does not work mon/tues pm but maybe this should change if we are in separate buildings?


Any advice appreciated

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Talking to my local leisure centre creche manager the other day and she was saying as she was so far from the sports hall she had to employ another level 3 to cover the sports hall holiday club while she was in the creche (OFSTED required this) :o . Don't know if this helps?

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