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Research Project - Some Idea's


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Hi all,


I only joined yesterday and posted in the 'Introduce yourself' topic with a bit about me etc but wanted to pick your brains on some idea's for the research project i know is coming up in year two.


A friend of mine has just done her third year and has recommended that if im going to do any reading etc over the summer then it would be beneficial to focus on the research project as its such a huge piece of work. I have come up with some idea's and just wondered if anyone else has any further idea's for me to think about.


Im working as a family support worker, both in the home with children and families and within groups that always include the parents. We dont use the EYFS officially within groups but im tending to think about it alot more now that im doing the degree. I need to focus on something that interests me so have come up with the following idea's:


Supporting parents to understand and promote learning through the child's schematic interests.

The importance of play and how best to support parents to engage in play within the home.

Attachment theory.


Does the title itself have to be the question we are researching?


Thanks in advance


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Welcome, I think they all sound interesting - if you are wanting to do something with your work with families then personally I would stay clear of attachment theory as I think you will have to look very seriously at some of the ethical issues surounding working with parents on this and how you might deal with this. Not an easy subject to cover and unless you have some therapeutic counselling or CAMHS support it might bring up perhaps a lot of things that you may find difficult to cover without having professional support - but that is my personal opinion. There again you may want to look at the subject without involving the parents. Schemas I think are good and there s plenty to be done around this and I think would work well with all parents on all levels - depends on how you want to tackle it. Choose an area of interest and think all around the ethics, implications you might face.

Its good to be thinking about it now but as time goes on you might find that you change what you might want to do as you learn about other areas of interest

All the best Nikki

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I would suggest buying a copy of Doing your early years research project by Guy Robert-Holmes (think that's his name sorry but can't be bothered to get off the sofa to go and look as first time I've sat down today - lol), we have just used this for the final module of the FD. It will also be useful for the third year top up. :o

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