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Risk Assessments For Foundation Stage


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Hi, I've already completed a search on here but wondered if anyone could help me!!


I recently took over as ey manager of a large primary school who have undergone huge transformation in the early years. We're finally getting to see the benefits of all our hard work this year but i'm starting to panic! One of the conditions of going through the changes was that we would have an ofsted style inspection before the summer hols - so coming up very soon. I keep hearing about schools being told that they should have a daily risk assessment for the classrooms. I was wondering if anyone has a format that i would be able to look at.


|Anything you have would be much appreciated and save me from tearing my hair out - I feel like i haven't been able to relax since christmas (and it is starting to show!!)





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I had Ofsted last summer and they were very focussed on the Risk Assessment.


I do a monthly RA of the Reception class area (inside and out) and just did a simple grid system that covered the main areas of the class. E.G furniture (in good working order), adventure playground, water tray, sand tray etc etc. The EYFS states that you only have to conduct these as often as you feel necessary and we do a formal RA once a month. Daily RA's are undertaken with the children but much more informally as a just a walk around the area discussing whether there's too much ice on the adventure playground in the winter etc.


Hope that this helps!!



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