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Assembly Again!


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I know that there is thread running on assembly help...but....


I am also an NQT - assembly is in three weeks. The school is quite keen on assemblies (on TP I did an assembly but both the schools weren't really bothered about them, not in a negative way, just a there are more important things to be doing than training and show casing a polished performance). My school regards them quite highly and so am concious of the effort required. I just can't seem to get started.


Vaguely ideas are- chn stand up and say what their favourite animal is (they are learning individually about their own fav), and something about where they like to live, we make masks and show what our favourite animal look like and talk about the pattern/colour. We are making animal habitats to match the requirements of each animal- we might show these as well?


Maybe share the story of Noah's ark- briefly in correct sequence-count in two's and sing song (have one that sounds like farmers in his den with actions). Sing song again at end with OHP so chn and parents can sing along?

Agghhh- where do I start? If anyone has done something simliar please let me know! Thank you :o

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Preparing assemblies sounds like the world's worst thing. :o I'm sorry that I can't help you with the specifics but - who'd have thought it! - a website dedicated to school assemblies. :( Mostly religious but has some good general advice too. :) Good luck with it though - you have my sympathies. xD

Whoops - forgot to put in the link! :D


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