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Observation! Please Please Help!


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Hi Everyone!!


Its been such a busy week with p2p's, planning, reports and all the other things! I'm gettin observed tuesday! got ideas but I dont think any of them are "wow" activities. I want to do something numeracy based or an investigation linked to KUW.



I thought:


A waterproof investigation to find the best material for Mr tog togs coat.


Floating and sinking


or weighing- which object is heavy/ light? and then go on to use cubes to make the scales balance.


Has anyone got any ideas of what I can do for my observation linked to investigations or shape space and measure..


I would really appreciate it.. thank you in advance!

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Floating and sinking sounds good.


Have you got access to a see through tray which is near a display board or LARGE sheet of paper? Set up a display to look like a tray of water, with a water line to put items above and below.


Have a set of items you will use to float and sink with and after going through what we mean by float / sink, get children to predict what will happen to each item they hold / feel - you will also need photos of same items.


As ch predict, put photo of each item onto the nearby display board or sheet of paper, which has been divided horizontallY to look like the tray of water, put above or below the water line - this sounds so complicated online!

after the predictions, go on to do the investigation to change location of any items as necessary. an interactive and immediate display!


hope this is clear!



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