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I am currently trying to decide what to focus on for my dissertation. I am writing it around Early Years and i am interested in Play and the transitition between the EYFS and Reception, however i am not quite sure how to incorporate this into a dissertation question that i could answer.


I am also interested in the gender stereotypes and the lack of male practitioners in the Early years settings however i have found very little information on this topic and although it interests me i feel it may be hard to research.


I am wondering if anyone here has any suggestions or think either of those are good ideas to follow?


Thank You



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I've just recently completed my degree, for my dissertation i looked at why there were so few men in primary education - I found this to be really interesting and found lots of current literature on it - I received a 1st for it so if you need any help or advice -just let me know:+)

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Hi Happydays1!


I am just starting my dissertation which is ongoing until January and have decided to focus on the lack of male presence in Early Years/Primary education too.

How did you narrow your question down and how did you conduct your primary research?

I'm currently managing a nursery based within a school and we have 2 male teachers - both upper primary. Although talking to them would help me, Im worried that there isnt enough primary information to go on....


Any advice would be greatly recieved!!!


Congrats on your 1st!!! :o

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