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i have a child who pays for the hours spent with me 12 in total because he uses his 15 hrs at nursery in another county so easier to do this way. Now for 4 sessions he will attend school for taster mornings she cannot understand why i am still charging her.


what would you do cant fill place with someone else



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I can see why this is a problem for you ... but I also can see why she wants the place for free...


If it were me (and I own my nursery so can make flexi arrangements like this) I would say to her "I'm really sorry but I do have to charge for the sessions because they are already staffed for your child and the arrangements made with the school are beyond our control. However, perhaps you'd like to come at these other times?" and then I'd offer her 4 sessions when I have a space (at my convienience, so that it's not costing you anything to staff - she can still have 4 sessions, you can still be paid). She might not take you up on the sessions but at least you are showing willing. She needs to understand that it is a business, not a free creche! Hopefully you might have some sessions that you could offer her ...

just a thought!


pw x

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she has already paid so thats no problem. Its me feeling guilty about charging as she mentioned it on our parent questionairre that just went out. i must stop taking things personally and stick to my guns.


still fairly new to all this.


yes she is the same person who may be a problem at sports day (see other post)



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I still charge for school visits and don't offer alternative sessions either. The reason being that we often have 20+ children going to school and I don't have enough sessions free a week to allow every child an alternative so therefore don't let anyone swap

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