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After some more info im afraid!

The TA that is consulting with staff/committee at school club (used to be manager years ago) has updated the policies.All well and good but there seem to be a few missing according to ones that we have at preschool.

Any school club able to give me a list of what they have? Have you included the EYFS commitments/themes in each of your policies? We seem just to have an EYFS policy.


Thanks any info appreciated.

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The standards that we work to in the OSC are the same as for our preschool so we use the same policies. The only difference is that the settings are on two different sites so things that relate directly to the premises (e.g. fire procedure) have been amended.


We have included the EYFS themes/principles in the policies and I posted a sample policy on here a while ago this thread (post # 11) http://www.foundation-stage.info/forums/in...c=23067&hl=


Hope that's of use.



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Guest jenpercy

We have 42 policies and procedures - I split some of tghe long ones, as I believe thst they need to be short to be useable.




They are all adapted from the 4Children policies. Membership is well worth the money as they have other docs also on setting up and running OSC

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Thanks for the advice. Have taken it all on board and Jen i think those are the policies we are aiming for.



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