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Hi everyone,


I was just wondering what specific activities people are doing to teach handwriting at this time of year? Are you still being creative like writing in sand and painting vertically, playdough etc or are you being a little more formal in preparation for year 1? I obviously appreciate and endorse the fact that year 1 now looks much the same as year R to beging with!


Thanks for all the ideas in advance!!



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Personally I'd say there should be a mix of the two, but if you feel some children really don't have the fine motor skills to be doing more formal handwriting with a pencil and paper then there's no point in forcing it on them.


Definitely should be some formal letter formation teaching going on though because when they get to year one it's awful trying to break the habit of forming letters wrong in preparation for joined up writing later. I've felt awful doing that this year and have to admit that to some extent I've given up now!

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