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Nursery Furniture To Give Away


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I have just taken on a new nursery provision and it was previously run as a nursery and baby unit. I am not registering for a baby unit and have two lovely wooden cots and three highchairs which we dont need.


If there is any setting out there who could make use of them please let me know. We would just ask that you come and collect them and make a small donation to our new nursery.


There are also some other baby related items such as inflatable ring that babies lay in and mobiles etc if anyone wants them.


We are located in Folkestone Kent if anyone is interested. We are looking to clear them out within the next week if possible.

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Good evening Allard 28


I'm based in East Kent and have a baby unit which we are hoping to expand, thats if we are successful in our capital grant application, I would be interested in what you have although I'm not sure about cots as we have limited floor space and have double decker shanti cots now. Would you be willing to let me have a look at what you are offering? I think you would need to PM me with your address if that is alright with you. Good luck in your new venture.



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