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School Improvement Plan To Include Continuing The Learning Journey


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Hi there - I have been charged with writing a section of our School Improvment and Development Plan, under the heading "Developing the Learning Journey Approach throughout KS1". Was just wondering if anyone out there had already written one or had found one they wouldn't mind sharing, that I could use as a starting point. Many thanks x

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I do our action and improvement plan (preschool). I have found the best way is to ask each member of staff what they feel should be in place and how it could be made to happen...this may be better off as a small questionnairre if you are looking at 10+ people though?


Sorry, don't know if that's helpful,



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I am in a similar situation to you at the moment. We are currently planning for a FS/KS1 unit next year with 50 children and 4 staff (2 teachers and 2 TA's). I have worked in FS for the past 3 yrs and my collegue has been in Y2. We have had so many discussions about what it should look like and how it should feel for all the children involved. There have also been some quite heated discussions as neither of us want to back down on what we know works best for our children!!!!

I think there will have to be alot of give and take, those of us who are comfortable in working in FS know how well it works, but there are so many teachers who have no idea about FS and are still quite traditional in their approach. Things do need to change as there is so much good practice going on in FS classes, but it wont happen overnight.

Maybe include in your action plan time for the other teachers to come and spend time in your classroom so they get a feel of what a day is like in the FS and take things one step at a time. I also think the most important thing is the children and what their experience will be like and also ensuring that the learning is purposeful and monitoring and assessment (through observations) is key to planning next steps.

I feel that I am rambling a bit now!!!!! But i hope some of it helps. If you do make a start on your Action Plan i would love to have a look - i could do with the help too!!! :o

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