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Hi xD


This is probably the wrong place to post this but really need help.


I have applied for the Literacy TLR at my school and have been lucky enough to get an interview next week


I have to teach a 15 minutes session on any aspect of Literacy .....in year 6!!!!!


Have never taught this far up for a long time and am really worried. :o


Has anybody any ideas as to what I can do? - my brief is to keep them stimulated and involved.


Any help would be very much appreciated!



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Although I don't know anything about teaching Year 6, I do have a daughter in Year 6 so I will ask her if anything has been particularly interesting for her if that would help at all.

I'm sure someone else will have more knowledge.

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She started with the usual "I dunno" but did eventually help a bit.

She says the two things she most enjoyed all year were :


1) Fiction genres - where they got in groups and chose a card which had the name of a genre on it and then they made posters to illustrate their chosen one.


2) Autobiographies - when they talked about John Lenon and his own timeline then made one of their own lives.


Not sure how helpful that is but all we've got I'm afraid.

Good luck anyway.

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Have you looked at the standards site to see what the objectives are? You might see something to help you and inspire? Speaking and Listening could be good?h

Can you get hold of any of the Pie Corbett stuff --Jumpstarts.

There are some games on this website.


Good Luck.

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I hate it when they ask for 15 minute tasks! By the time you've settled and explained what the idea is most of the time has gone. It's so much easier to plan and deliver whole lessons.


Actually as I'm writing this I'm thinking perhaps fill a biscuit box (one with those plastic compartmentalised trays) with loads of little interesting things and get each child to choose one thing to talk about and describe using all their senses. Then if there's time they can write something down about their object. This could be anything: information, a story, a description, something poetic etc. You might have to have a few of your own objects set aside to demonstrate with.


E.g. If you had a marble you could give the story example of "I had a shiny marble but it fell out of a tiny hole in my pocket whilst I was riding my bike," or poetic dedscription, "My marble is round and glints like a diamond in the sun." These aren't the best I know, but I'm sure you could come up with something better. The idea would be for the children to write something short but packed with ideas and description, something which children don't get chance to do very often when it becomes all about writing longer pieces as they get older.


If you don't feel there's time for the writing, you could just have this as a S&L activity with each child trying to come up with the most interesting words or way of describing their object to the others.

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Thanks for the ideas - they are all great!


I have pinched a few and thought of this - what do you think?


Intro (5 mins) explaining they are going to help make a game for reception children (matching objects to description labels) Come up with 'simple' way of introducing adjectives / wow words etc to repeception - year 6 to come up with own simple statements ( showing their knowledge)


Task (5 mins) - in small groups or pairs take one object (selection of small interesting things eg - marble, peacock feather, old shoe etc). In pairs 1 minute to list describing / wow words. Share good examples. Then 2-3 minutes to write description for labels.


End (5 mins) - swap labels with other group and 'check' for describing words, wow words etc and underline in colours. Share good examples. Add all lables to bag - and ask headteacher to choose one and try to match up (theory of 'testing' the game out).


Choose 4 children - from observing during the session and give them an invite to come and play with the reception children later that day.


Does this sound ok - think there is a lot but want to keep a fast pace going. Not sure if it will keep them stimulated though???

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