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Last Nqt Observation - Reception & Nursery!


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Okay, so it is my last NQT observation and I want to go out with a bang (a good one obviously). I am being observed for Numeracy and my higher ability can add, take away and share calculations and they know their shapes. I was thinking of doing problem solving with them?


I also have my lower ability who with support can add and take away and know their shapes and can count to ten but do not know how to write one or two of their numbers.


Then I have nursery and 3/5 recognise their numbers 1-10 and can find the correct amount of objects. I need to make usre my lower ability and nursery get the same as reception but simplified (NQT tutor suggested) SO how cna I do this? Has anyone got any practical lesson ideas for probelm solving?


Or any creative activites for any Summer term (2nd half) Reception/nursery class? All your ideas will be appricated. Thankyou!



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