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Me again,just trying to finish this unit so i can hand it in today so need a little more help.

c5.5 pc's signs of extremely low self image and negative and distrubed identity development are accurately recognised.How can i show evidence for this if i haven't come across it?my assessor dosen't like us to use stimulation.We have one child who's first language isn't english and he is aggessive towards the other children he finds it hard to communicate with the children but i wouldn't say he has low self image.Any ideas?

Also kus 34 the importance of discussion,planned, and incidential,of gender,race,culture,religion,disability,and family groupings in the promotion of positive identity.


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If you haven't had any experience of this then there's nothing you can do! Just write about the possible signs of low self image you could look out for. The most important thing is that you have the knowledge to be able to deal with it should it arise. This will then lead into the next two PC's about who you would seek advice from and the confidentiality policy of your setting.


Kus 34 relates to C5.5.5 Why do you think it's important to discuss these things in a positive way with the children? Remember that this element is about helping the children to develop a positive self image.

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