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I was wondering if anybody could help with some ideas - the whole school is having an arts week next week - them theme is India - has anybody got any wow ideas? i thought i could use the story Limas red hot chilli - to smell spcies, taste fruit/ indian sweets?



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Hi Goldrush,


There are many art activities you can do in India Art theme week.

Some activities I can suggest are :

a) Lentil sticking - get different color lentils and they can be used to make beautiful pictures. Only exception is dont use kidney bean as it is harmful is used uncooked.

:o Do food coloring pictures using ear bud

c) Make Rangoli patterns using different colored chalk, colored saw dust, or some Rangoli colors(easily available in an Indian shop)

d) Make diwali candles either by decorating an old cd with glitter and having candle on it or actually making small clay 'Diyas' and then painting them.

e) In India vegetable prints fabrics are very popular( organic printing on fabric) but you can always connect it with some Indian motifs etched on vegetable and using them for printing on paper.

f) Henna Tattoos (If some children are not allowed to do it on their hand, I have often given children sheets of paper with their hand print and they do henna patterns on it.


Hope this is helpful

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Guest tinkerbell

You could read the story of Rama and Sita and the children could make masks of the characters using paper plates,Monkey God,Rama,Sita and the Ten headed monster (a real challenge to stick them all together).


we have chalked Rangoli patterns on the playground and worked in pairs...you get through a lot of chalk.



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How about some Indian dancing. We had a fabulous woman in for a day earlier this year and she took every class and taught them an Indian dance - she differentiated so our was quite simple. The children absolutely loved it.

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