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Hi there, i went into school today to find that due to another teachers illness i have to do my VERY FIRST whole school assembly. (im an NQT). I am terrified at this thought as though i dont mind doing it in front of the children-its the the fact that the staff will be there too! help. My assembly is on springtime-has anyone done this or have any ideas or tips! i searched on google but never found much-hope someone can help-thanks. :o


p.s its next week!

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I know how you feel, I too am/was (just finished my third term!!!) although I have had a gentle introduction to assembly time. I currently teach in an FS unit andparticipate in key stage assemblies (FS and KS1togetther). I deliver these and encourage as much child particpation as possible. As for a class assembly, I had some experience with the Christmas concert. Its best to keep it simple and work on the skills that the children have. I have also noticed that they follow a certain format e.g. theme for week (C of E school),linked to work ongoing in the class, prayer, song/ hymn. We also have a number of resources e.g. books/ packs that we can use. Also ask other teachers in your school, I'm sure they will be very helpful (I have found this to be true).


What about looking at the signs of Spring/ celebrating Easter. Could include songs/ number rhymes (particularly popular with my children), art work, simple dance (e.g. moving to music/ instruments like Spring flowers), tableaux (children as a Spring scene), what they have seen on a walk around the school/ local environment (photographs, creative work as a response), seasonal cycle of a tree/ plant.


If you are really not happy to do this with short notice you should say. I know that I have forgotten to prepare for an assembly and other teachers were happy to help at short notice and take the assembly (they have far more experience of assembly delivery than I have and can draw on their experiences and the age of the children they work with). Remeber most teachers/ TA's want to help you/ pass on their wisdom!!!!!!!!!!


Just try to ensure that whatever you do with your children reflects their experiences and learning and don't push them into anything you feel that they would not cope with. Although our children practised simple lines for the Christmas concert they were happy to ad lib there speeches!

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Hi Alysha,

I've been there, too! The one positive thing about other staff being there is that they can manage the audience, eg stopping fidgeting/chatting children from disrupting your assembly.

My advice would be:

* Use your class for simple things like holding up paintings of Spring flowers/new life or whatever you have at the time. If you have children with loud voices (!) choose three or four to say what their picture is about. Don't let them speak for very long, just quick snippets, otherwise they'll go on forever in tiny little voices

and the whole school will become bored and start getting restless, chatting, etc.

* A couple of songs, one at the beginning and one at the end will take up some time too, especially if you "invite the whole school to join in with the chorus!" to help the little ones.

* Maybe something science-based: We planted some seeds in these pots. We need to water them and put them in the light, etc etc. We will put our pots on the class windowsill so you will be able to see them grow when you are out in the playground"

* A little dance to show shoots growing up from the ground and becoming plants/flowers

I'm sure you'll get some more ideas from other members imminently. Try not to worry....your colleagues will want your first assembly to go well and I'm sure will give you encouraging smiles all the way through!

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Alysha, good luck.

I am sure the anticipation will be worse than the experience, but I have had the sleepless nights before assemblies and must admit it is not my favourite thing but it does get better the more you do it.

My advice would be similar to that you have been given,


keep it simple

keep it relevant

involve the children as much as possible.

use songs and rhymes

use childrens work and pictures, paintings etc


This is an opportunity, unless your school format is different, to showcase what you have been doing in your classroom but it does not need to be a polished performance. Do remember though your "act of worship"!


It may help you to script it and have prompt cards with you.

Good luck

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Thanks again everyone for your replies. I am shocked at how unusually stressed i am getting about a 15 minute assembly.! I am thinking about going along the new life route-maybe talking about life cycles???? Trouble is how would you link link to worship (remembering that i work in an infant school). I have spent hours (i'm not joking) both a school and on the net, looking for a short spring story-does any one have any they could share with me? i came across a tinderbox spring assemblies book but my school does not have this!!! Ahhhh :o

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Can you not just do a simple thank you prayer? Maybe your class could help to write it - "Thank you for the flowers, thank you for the baby birds" etc etc?

It's really not worth stressing about. Don't forget, nobody particularly likes doing assembly, so I'm sure staff at your school will be more than willing to help you with ideas. :o

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Have any of the teachers got any of the Out of the Ark music tapes CD's or tapes - I think they are fantastic and well worth investing in. They have a whole range of CD's covering all the seasons, new life, people who help us. Their Easter tape contains a great song called Spring Chicken, it involves maths, a bit of acting - children can just flap their wings and sit on their eggs. They are based in Hersham, Walton on Thames, Surrey. If you go on their site outoftheark.com you can get a sample tape for free - their cds range from pre school right through to year 6. I couldn't be without mine as I am not good with music and I find them fantastic. It may be too late for your assembly but might help in future.

Good luck -


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