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I have a friend who is in the midst of her first placement as part of a SCITT early years teaching degree. The topic that she is covering is FARMS! and both she and I are running out of ideas for her to do with the children! :o

Any ideas would be greatly apprecited by both her and me!

Thank You


PS she is teaching a reception class and YES they are planning a visit to a farm!


Thank U


Sarah xoxoxo (and Fee!) :)

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Hi Sarah


One thing I did that the kids loved was learning how to milk a cow. Use an old rubber glove and put pin pricks in each finger and thumb. Fill with water or colour it slightly to look like milk. Hold it firmly and get the children to try squeezing out the liquid into a bucket. (Good for their finger muscles) Covers some of the ELG's too. Great fun. Remeber they need to pull and squeeze at the same time.

Warning: wear some kind of waterproof covering!

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Hi my topic this half term is 'Growing' but I too am visiting a farm etc.

some good books are:

Sweetapple Farm

I love Animals

Farmer Duck

I have made animal puppets/ face masks for the role play area/ Matching and sorting babies to mums/KUW- talk about all the different products made by the animals on a farm....milk, cheese etc. For small world play I have turned my large sand tray into a farm with lawn at one side soil fields on the other and we have been planting different grass seeds in there- which have survived the children playing in there with all the animal figures and tractors!

I also have chicks and ducklings in the classroom which we have hatched and next week I have got 2 lambs coming to school too. I asked a local farmer for any ideas and he offered to bring different animals in and discuss his job- the boys are entranced by him and the girls think the animals are adorable- so it works well.

I have also created a large play area in the lino covered corner of my classroom where the children can play on the hay bales- the caretaker doesn't love me but the children think it's great and develop confidence with climbing and building.

Don't know if any of this is any help!


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What specific areas of learning are you stuck on?

Here are a few ideas off the top of my head:

Creative - paintings, papier mache models, masks etc of farm animals. Old MacDonald had a farm? This is the way we milk the cow/ collect the eggs/ feed the calves etc (to the tune of Mulberry bush)

Small world farms

Animal masks for children to wear to act out stories

Farm animal stories. Mr Gumpy stories? Little Red Hen? Mrs Wishy Washy etc

Fourways Farm videos (channel 4) - cover loads of K&U of the world

Maths - sorting sets of animals (big/little; animal type; number of legs; wings/no wings etc)

Sounds lotto - animal noises


HTH :o

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ASPK- Are the Four ways farm videos woth investing in as I know that growing/farms is going to be a reoccurring theme. I have just been allocated £75 to spend on media- would you recommend these?

thanks x

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I would say yes! Each episode introduces a specific concept or problem which the animal characters tackle, and each one ends with some questions for the children to think about (what if? etc).

I haven't actually bought the videos myself because I taped them for my own children off the TV! I'm sure you could buy them on spec - it's worth finding out.


The other videos I really like are the BBC's Come outside series with Auntie Mabel and Pipin - a bit dated in places but still good. :o

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Good old Auntie Mabel! I taped these for my children too! They still make me chuckle- I think I need to get a life!

I will attempt to get hold of the farm videos if I can I will let you know if I have any joy x

Thanks ASPK

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Please post if you get hold of the Fourways Farms videos. I only have one (covering changing materials- flour, and seasons). They' re are really useful (and children like the theme tune!!)

Hate to be a bore but I like to know that any videos I'm using are actualy useful and not simply to keep children quiet (I found out that a cover teacher used a video two days running with my class "to keep them quiet"- well they were sitting quietly to a Disney film!!!!!!!!XXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!)

I quietly fumed!


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Hi, Rosie's Walk By Pat Hutchins is a useful book and especially good for exploring positional vocabulary - we've just had a great role play / movement session today being Rosie the Hen and the fox - the PE equipment was turned into the features from the farm ( mill, pond, bee hives etc.) My class of Summer borns loved it !

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