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Help! Interview Advice Needed

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Hi I have been shortlisted for a nursery teacher post and have a day of interviews ahead of me on Tuesday. Has anyone got any tips? I haven't applied for jobs for ten years as I have been happy in my current school, but now I have moved house I have started applying again.


I have a ten min carpet session to teach with a small group of mixed ability nursery children including one or two with severe learning difficulties plus a nursery nurse. Then I have a tour around school followed by a school council interview!! Then a formal interview in the afternoon.


Any help or advice greatly received!!!! THANK YOU xx

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Hi, my advice would be to relax, do what you do best, choose a carpet time theme that will fully engage the children, something exciting and unpredictable, that they can experience hands on, especially for the severe learning difficulties child, who may find sitting even for a very short period very taxing, perhaps include this child as a helper, even if its just holding something or passing something to the other children etc. For the school council part, just be honest and try to identify and connect with the children, make them feel like their decisions are a crucial part of the process....as they should be.



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Hi Rach,

Thanks for making your first post, and congratulations on getting a interview.....by no means an easy task in this climate!


I'd say have an opinion on:

* Partnerships with parents

* Developing effective relationships with children

*Teamwork and collaboration

* The purpose of observation and assessment


...and make sure you're all up to date with safeguarding legislation and working with external agencies, especially for children with additional needs.


Good luck, and let us know how it goes. :o

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Hi, thanks for the advice.


The day went really well and I got down to the last two so was gutted not to actually get it!


However have just found out I've been shortlisted for a management role at the same setting - nursery manager and SENCO within nursery. Interview Wednesday but that is as much as I know at the mo!! Again any advice would be brilliant!

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