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Hi all!


I was just wondering what people could suggest as absolute 'must haves' in their outdoor area.


At the moment we dont have set workshop areas set up outside-should there be? I am unsure whether we should have 6 clear areas outside with different enhancements to those on offer inside or should we be aiming to offer experiences that are more suited for outdoors such as using trikes or creating a class garden?


Our outdoor area is in desperate need of updating and as you can tell I am very puzzled about what a good outdoor area should be like-any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



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Our outdoors area isn't set up in workshops - not enough space for that , but it is resourced with a range of 'open ended' activities that support all six areas, so on a daily basis we have a trolley with balls/bats/finding out things/ graphics/sand and water toys / a box of fabrics plus we always have sand and water ( we have a large sand tray , water trays and a range of plastic guttering, tyres, and containers) We then rotate things like bikes and trucks/ parachute games/ ring games / science type things like bubbles/minibeast hunts/malleable stuff, creative and messy things like painting . There are also a few quiet areas and dens where children can take things like books or small world and just chill. Plus we are lucky enough to have a planting and growing area where they can just dig and grow stuff and a large wooden gazebo which we can make into an outdoor classroom or just use for shade and a set of balance beams and stepping stones for physical - thank goodness for capital grants. :o

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