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Free Flow Risk Assessment


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Hi All,


A big ask, i woundered if anyone had a copy of a risk assessement they have done on Free Flow (esp if your Preschool is up stairs, and the children go down on their own) -


For those who have just gone "ahhhhhhhhhh"ours do not go down the stairs on their own and never will, i just need an idea of how to write, so i have proof for when Mrs O comes out, that we have looked at ways of doing it.


I know of some nurseries that have their Preschool upstairs, who do frew flow to the garden, and use walkie talkies or a doorbell sytem to let staff in the garden know children are coming.


Anyways hope someone can help me!!




Miss Red

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Hi Missred


Unfortunately I do not have an answer for you as we have only just started 'free flow' in our setting a few weeks ago.

Although we are monitoring it daily, looking at both negative and positive points and adjusting accordingly, I didn't think of formally writing up a risk assessment! I look forward to seeing the replies you receive as this may mean yet another piece of paperwork to create!!


dottyp :o

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we hae free flow and i dont have a policy for it, its something that we disscuss as a group


what you need to be aware of is ratio's and i also have staff on a ratio for turns to set up and pack away outside as it seems unfair for it to be the same one also when it is very cold give staff opportunities to swap and come in for a warm up.

children dont feel the cold as much as adults


we also keep spare hats and gloves which we lend to children who have come without, children need to appropriately dressed.


another issue we came across is having a first aid kit outside so one member of staff is not running in with a child with a grazed knee and leaving the ratio's short outside


have water accessible outside some of our children would be out all morning and we have water to drink inside we now make it available out as well and the other is snack sometimes we do snack inside and out depending on the number of children who have chosen to go out


i hope you enjoy it, i love free flow, sometimes we just have out days when i dont set up (pack away) and we spend the whole morning out

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