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Outdoor Activities For Babies And Toddlers


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this is an appeal to those of you who work with the very young children.

I have been asked to plan some activities for our open day for babies abd toddlers outdoors.


I thought of things like a exploring sand. A bit like a sensory treasure hunt in some soft clean sand.

I was a bit stuck with other activities.

Has anyonne got any ideas, please.


thanks so much

Sunshine :o

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Tunnels, dens with shiny and sensory stuff inside.


I use our tuff spot with some cushions and a mat to make a little enclosed seating area.


Water of course!

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I hang sensory objects from my washing line - chimes, homemade shape mobiles, coloured acetate sheets, pots and pans, bells, ribbons etc.

There are some lovely books called Baby and Beyond which show how to differentiate activities through the age ranges which have lovely ideas in - I have the natural resources and role play ones which are lovely


A few ideas I've tried from them are - boxes ( get a range of different sized containers with different openings, hide bells, rattles, shells, pasta etc inside to discover

mirrors - place a collection of mirrors on a rug/blanket and a selection of different fabrics for babies to crawl over and pull and discover the mirrors underneath

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