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Am hoping someone could help me abit, I have an interview on Friday for the foundation degree, they said there would be tests and group work involved, to try and make myself feel better I Asked a friend who is now doing her PGCE at the same uni aout her interview and now i am FREAKED out LOL.

I don't want to come across an air head here (I already have a degree in another subject) but she said they had to talk about sats and KS1 in addition to the EYFS and ECM.... I know nothing about KS1 and I only found out about the interview today so its not leaving me much time to find out, She alse said the numercy tests required her to work out the circumfrance of circles and the area of triangles (OMG what? its been 15 years since i did that stuff) and her english test she had to write an essay on whether sats should be abolished (aaah what if i get that question i'm going to have a blank page lol)


So I am really really hoping some of you wouldn't mind sharing with me your foundation degreee interview experiences?

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