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I know this isn't really an EYFS issue but just wondered if anyone had any advice.


I am currently thinking about applying for the role of Literacy Co-ord in my school with a TLR. I have been based in Recpetion for seven of my 9 years of teaching. The job has been advertised externally and although I have been set targets this year to enable me to do this role I have been told that I may not even be shortlisted.


If I am then I am having to teach a session in Y6 - is this the norm? I have been told it is so that I am a level playing field - yet the other applicants are all KS2 based.


Does anyone know the type of questions I may be asked at interview.


Sorry if this is a bit long winded but just really worried



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Hey i'm a reception teacher and lit coordinator and I have no KS2 experience either x i think you might be asked about the development plan x

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I was a reception teacher until Christmas and still am the literacy coordinator.

How will you support literacy across the key stages

Knowledge of literacy expectation in all year groups

ideas for developing literacy provision across the school

vision for your role

good luck

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