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next week is walk to school week so i thought it would be nice to incorporate healthy living as a theme ...

has anybody got any nice ideas for activites or continuous provision in the nursery? have tried seraching the forum but havent been successful xx



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We did 'Handa's surprise'-tasting and making fruit salad with all that healthy fruit, squeezing ornges and lemons to make healthy drinks, painting a picture of 'dirty teeth' white with old toothbrushea and white paint, visits from parents-a nurse and a hairdresser and doctor/opticiasn/dentist role play. Also practical demonstrations of hand-washing!

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We had a health week, we had a healthy heart role play cafe, a role-play gym outside, I was surprised at how much the children loved using the gym mats. We also had the school nurse in to give a little talk.


We also used Dr. Dog by Babette Cole.....it's a fantastic story to set the scene & there of other titles to by this author too.


We also did an experiment that showed how germs can spread.... during 'carpet time' (or after you finished reading Dr.Dog) sprinkle some glitter on the kids row of children’s hands & ask them to shake hands with the pupils in the next row & so on.... the kids were fascinated to see how far the glitter/germs had spread through out the day.


In the past (with older children) I've used a boiled eggs to show the effect of sugar on our teeth, fill a plastic beaker with lemonade & another with water, after a few days you should find that the egg submerged with lemonade has begun to decay.


Hope that's of use.



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