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Hi all,

I thought I would ask your help. In two weeks I have a meeting for the reception New starters for September. The head has asked me to produce a handbook for the parents to help give guidance in preparing their children for school. He wants these to be based on the 6 areas of learning. Apparently there used to be a handbook- but it was binned when the FS Curriculum was introduced so I am literally starting from a blank canvas......talk about reinventing the wheel!

:oxD:(:(:( :wacko: xD :rolleyes: :unsure: ;):ph34r: I wouldn't panic so much if he asked for it before Christmas- but I have two weeks to prepare this and a powerpoint presentation for the parents. It seems gone are the days of 'come meet the teacher'!

I have mailed nearby schools to see if I could look at their intake booklet- but to no avail.

Any help would be more than gratefully received.....and oh....Happy Mother's Day!


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oh Dougal, nothing like dropping you in it then!


I'm sure this sort of thing has been discussed before. Have you looked at the QCA website and Sure Start as Im sure there is stuff on there that you could use?


Whats your powerpoint presentation, slides of the book?

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Hi Dougal,

No pressure then :o

If I were doing this, I'd just put three or four bullet points under each of the six curriculum headings. Any more, and parents are going to think it's a bit like an entrance exam!

eg for CLL you could say:

* Making the time to chat with your child about things that interest him; allowing him the time to put together his thoughts and to try to express himself is one of the most important things you can do to help prepare him for reception. Try to make sure you maintain eye contact with your child while you are talking to each other.

* Sharing a book with your child can be one of the most enjoyable activities you can do together. Not just for bedtimes, books are enjoyable at any time of day! Make yourself comfortable with your child and read and reread favourite stories. Ask him about his favourite bits, relate the story to his own life etc etc.


....that sort of thing! I think this might give the right balance between telling parents what you think is important preparation (which they may well be doing already), without putting any pressure on them to hothouse their child for reception :)

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Thankyou Susan (as ever) Glaidment and Helen,

yes, I agree Helen it is a fine balance which is needed- it's a tricky one too but I think I will go for the bullet points- and just simplify for the presentation!

I have looked up Sure Start and they are sending me some handouts to give out to the parents too.

I just have to get brave in time for this meeting to stand in front of 50 parents for this presentaion! (Knees are shaking already)


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