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Predicting Profile Scores For End Of Year - How?


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I'm hoping someone on here can help me with this as I'm getting a bit stressed!


Got a letter on Friday to say that all schools that had less than 50% of their children achieving the magical 78+ points at the end of Foundation Stage including 6+ for CLL and PSED (like us) last year would be visited by the LEA very soon and asked for their predictions for the end of this year.


The letter helpfully included a chart for me to fill in with the details of the children in my current class and my predictions for the end of the year, but no hints as to how exactly I'm supposed to arrive at these predictions!


Can anyone help please?

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TesTwinkle could you look at where your children are now see what points are missing and knowing where you are planning for these children do you think there is a likelyhood of them gaining more points on the profile by the end of the year.


Our FS team look at our eprofile gaps during the year and then discuss to see any patterns of missing points etc and look at their provision and planning. This year you will have a different cohort of children so it may not be a problem but if not then at least you can show that you know where your children are and why. Predictions are not the same as targets more a case of are you expecting these children to get to a certain point.


Our FS teachers met with our feeder pre schools recently and it was really great to see what the children could do before they come to us so next year our team are going to use their evidence for scale points 1 - 3 and build on this it will be interesting to see if it makes a difference to our school's overall outcomes at the end of EYFS!



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