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This may seem a silly question but because of confidentiality we are not allowed to show other adults children's records (obviously) However, are inspectors allowed to and where does it say in black and white that they can?



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Just because they're a Government body, I suppose??


Taken a couple of moments to think - can't you show them blanks? We did, after having explained the procedure.....?



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We have a "records" policy where it states who will have access to the childrens registration and development records these include, all staff ( on a need to know basis), Inspectors, Health Visitors, Area Senco, other Early Years professionals as required ie: occupational therapists, psychotherapists etc. The parents sign a terms and conditions statement which includes agreement to all policies.


This has made me think though in terms of Data protection The "childs rights".


There is I presume a difference between "Data protection" and "Confidentiality".


The Inspectors have to make a judgement on whether our curriculum enables the children to work toward the ELG's, and this is partly evidenced through the development records.


An interesting question which I certainly need to think more about.



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