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I am doing a module on ICT and have to create an acivity pack. I am basing mine on a kidizoom camera and a little girl taking pictures about her time spent at my home (childminder).

Learning and development is based around aspect of the camera - batteries - what they do - memory card what it does. How to take pictures, look at them and then use the printer to view with the memory card, print some off etc, laminate and then make into a book for her. It has to show progression and so I have limited to this rather than include bee bots, remote control cars etc which would not show it sufficiently enough considering I have to use 5 ict things.


I also want to be able to load them on to the computer and use a programme to sequence them but need one that is simple enough for her to use. Do you have any suggestions? She does not read as yet but is able to recognise letters and simple words, writing and spelling familiar words by herself and if you spell words she is able to write them down.


Also, does anyone have a copy of any lesson plans that work well. I do not mean specific for my task but ones that I could use the format of.


I am worried that a lot of these activities are adult led but can not see that they would be anything else. She is very keen to learn and try new things and is always open to suggestions of which I then talk her through things and she has a go with little intervention from me.


Many thanks for your help and any advice you can give.


happy 4

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