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can't seem to get my head round it means.have the flu but have to get this unit finished so struggling to think straight .please help


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Sorry forgot to write the question.

key indicators of development and problem behaviour:emotional,physical,intellectual,social,communation

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:o Hi This is the kind of things I put for this.

Indicators that may lead you to suspect there is a problem could be that the child is always seeking/demanding attention, ruining another childs work. The child may find it difficult to maintain attention for very long making it difficult for them to remain on task or join in a simple activity. They may find it difficult to communicate or express what they want or are feeling. They may find it hard to interact with both adults and peers. They may try to hurt or bully other children.

Some children may display certain behavourial problems and it is important to look behind these signs to gain a deeper understanding of why the child is displaying the behaviour.

Some may regress which means go backwards i.e thumb sucking, delibarately disobey boundaries that they have followed before. They may start to wet themselves when having been dry. This could be because of the birth of a sibling or a parent being absent etc.

they may become withdrawn.

They may be attention seeking, displaying unwanted behaviour to get noticed. They may also swear, damage property or delibarately disrupt an activity/game.

the child displaying this anti-social behaviour may hurt others feelings. Another sign of problem behaviour is self-damaging when a child purposely harms him/herself i.e. biting themselves, pinching, scratching, banging their heads on walls or tables etc.

I hope this helps you a little. Tracey

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