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After School Club Planning With Eyfs


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Please can anyone shed some light on how they implement the EYFS within their After School Club? Do you plan from the ELG's? How far to you go in terms of assessment and liasing with the setting the child attends.

Thank you!

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Guest jenpercy

We have a photo display on the wall round the EYFS poster. Then we havea scrapbook for each child with photos and pieces of work and a very slim folder containing correspondence from the school and a note of a few goals given to us by the school and any goals we have identified.


We ourselves don't bother with the assessment scales and our goals are written in ordinary language (with the PSE etc noted besides them. We don't have goals for every area, mainly PSE, Physical, Creative (for which everyone usually has something bland and the same eg experiment with different textures etc., and languaeg is usually "develop the language and communication skills to negotiate with others over disagreements.


we write to each school. A copy of the letter showing date sent is put in child's file. A copy of school's response if any. Date follow up letter sent.


We have left it open for schools to respond in their own way, but they don't konw what to do. I would have thought that as the main setting is supposed to incorporate info from home and other settings into the Profile, they would be sending us copies of the info etc, they send to parents BUT no. Nexct year I will design my own forms to send out.


Of 3 schools one hasn't replied, one eventually sent us copy of the child's assessment sheet with a couple of goals ringed, and the third gave us a special club to school book for each child, but after they put on entry in it and we returned it with our contributino, it has never been seeen again for over 2 months.


Now we left it up to the schools to set how they wanted to communicate, as they are the main providers. however, it is clear from their responses, that they don't want to be bothered with informatin from us. So next year we will decid how we want to do it and ask them to co-operate.


Not one school has given us a copy of a parent's newsletter although they were asked.

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