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I have a pre school child who's moving away to Finland and I'd like to do some transition work with him -I'm going to make a book of photo's of his friends and special messages but i wondered if anyone had any other ideas or stories about changes, moving away or finland


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Hi, we have the opposite! A finnish family have moved in 2 doors up.


The daughter wrote a piece for our school magazine, it's about reindeer, here's an extract in case it's any help!


What is a reindeer?


A Reindeer is domesticated from wild mountain reindeer.

Male and female reindeers have antlers, which they shed annually. A female reindeer (doe) usually calves every spring and the calf weighs 4 to 6 kilograms.


Where do reindeer live?


In Finland the reindeer live in the northern most and eastern most area of the EU. The area consists of almost the whole province of Lapland. There are reindeers also in other northern countries such as Sweden, Norway and Russia.


What do reindeer eat?


Reindeer eat hay in the summer and spring. Then lichen from the trees in the winter.


Who looks after reindeer?


Every reindeer has an owner indicated by an ear mark. Indigenous people of Lapland (the Saami people) think of reindeer like cows.

Reindeer has been an important source of meat and materials as well as a means of transportation.

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